What to expect from your radiotherapy treatment?

Personalised care

Your treatment at the Rutherford Cancer Centres will be tailored to you and your specific needs.

Just as no two people’s bodies are the same, no two people’s treatment will be the same. Radiotherapy is planned differently depending on your type of cancer. In addition, patients with the same cancers don’t have identical treatment, as this is individual to you and your body.

Your care plan

Prior to the start of your radiotherapy treatment, your care team will discuss your treatment with you and create a bespoke care plan based around your needs and requirements. This will contain more detailed information about your treatment as well as a provisional appointment schedule.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your care plan or treatment, please call us on 0800 210 0402.

Your treatment team

You will be cared for by a team of specialised professionals during your treatment at one of our centres. The team is made up of consultants, therapy radiographers, dosimetrists and physicists who will work together to plan and deliver your radiotherapy. The treatment team will provide expert care and support throughout your treatment.

Planning appointment

Before your treatment begins, you will need to attend the Rutherford Cancer Centres for a planning appointment. Careful and accurate planning is necessary to make sure you receive the maximum benefit from your radiotherapy. At your planning appointment, you will be given information about your treatment and asked to complete a consent form if you haven’t done so already. It is also an ideal opportunity for you to ask any questions. A planning CT scan will be carried out to enable your consultant and the planning team to design your bespoke treatment plan.

Supportive care

Here at the Rutherford Cancer Centres we will offer holistic support for our patients from their first appointment to the end of their treatment and beyond. You can find out more about the support we offer here.