Rutherford Diagnostics

Rutherford Diagnostics will create a seamless pathway for our patients, from screening for disease to diagnosis, and from treatment onto disease surveillance.

Rutherford Diagnostics is focussed on securing the best possible outcomes for patients and will provide state of the art medical diagnostics in purpose-built centres across the UK and beyond.

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Utilising the very latest medical imaging technology, Rutherford Diagnostics aims to detect disease at the earliest opportunity, making it simpler, better tolerated treatments and improving outcomes for patients.

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Rutherford Diagnostics also plans to develop a large-scale genomics laboratory, meaning that in the future, it aims to predict disease susceptibility, offer advice to reduce exposure and support new screening techniques to detect disease before patients come to significant harm.

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To find out more get in touch with the Rutherford Diagnostics team via email at:

+44 (0)151 702 9489


1 Daulby Street, Liverpool, L7 8XZ


Registered in England and Wales: 10844984
Registered address: Life Sciences Hub Wales
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