About us

The Rutherford Cancer Centres are at the forefront of innovative cancer care with its UK network of centres

The Rutherford Cancer Centres will operate a network of cancer centres nationally and internationally, providing all-encompassing cancer services for patients. Our vision is to create a better future for cancer patients by providing personalised and supportive care to patients.

Our first UK centre is located in Newport, South Wales. In 2018 we will be opening two more centres: The Rutherford Cancer Centre, North East in Bomarsund, Northumberland and The Rutherford Cancer Centre, Thames Valley in Reading, Berkshire.

We deliver high quality diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and, from 2018, we will be the first in the UK to offer high-energy proton beam therapy treatment.

So we can provide the very best patient care and clinical excellence, our centres will be registered under the Health Inspectorate Wales and the Care Quality Commission.

Our history

The centres have been named to reflect the renowned scientist Ernest Rutherford’s contribution in first identifying (1909-1919) and then naming the proton in 1920.

The Rutherford Cancer Centres are owned by Proton Partners International, a company committed to providing innovative cancer treatment. You can find out more by visiting the Proton Partners International website.